Find Out The Reason Why BC Bud is the Best in Canada

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Why BC Bud is Considered the Best in Canada

If you’re looking for the best weed Canada has to offer, you should head to British Columbia. The province is flush with natural beauty, including deep blue water and stunning snow-capped mountains. Not to mention the evergreen forests and deep valleys. British Columbia is a veritable valley of plenty, the “Garden of Eden” of Canada if you will. British Columbia even has a “forbidden fruit” in the form of BC bud. Ask anyone from one of the party capitals, from Ibiza to Amsterdam, where the best bud in the world is, and they will tell you it’s British Columbia, Canada. What makes BC bud so good, though?

A Little History Lesson

Understanding why British Columbia weed is so great begins with understanding more about the history of weed in the province. Most people may be surprised to learn that early adopters of weed didn’t smoke or vape it; they sipped it. BC, Bud began life as a lager that was exported to America during the prohibition era, which gave rise to the notion that it was connected to something illegal. In a way, it was.

As the name “BC Bud” continued to spread like wildfire, it made sense that the identity and name would be adopted by the cannabis community in the 1960s. We must once again travel south of the border to understand the driving force behind this new awakening for British Columbia cannabis – which became the focus for people escaping the Vietnam War.

One way the Vietnam War impacted America was that many people relocated. Conscientious objectors to the war from across California, Washington, and Oregon were drawn to Canada and the idea of a peaceful life in British Columbia. The cannabis industry in BC was still young and vibrant at the time. Local growers were only just beginning to develop the knowledge and techniques they would use to shape the future of cannabis in British Columbia.

Around 30,000 Americans emigrated to BC in all. Some of those people brought with them seeds that would diversify and strengthen the industry in Canada. Choosing to set down roots in communities across the Okanagan and Fraser Valley, the immigrants realized that they had found themselves in the perfect place to grow cannabis. They had somehow found themselves in the ideal place to watch their cannabis plants to reach their full potential.

Thus began the journey that would lead to British Columbia bud being the best in the world. The reason that BC weed is so great is because of a mixture of the ideal environment and the right socio-political climate.

The Environment

Anyone who knows anything about plants knows that the environment is critical. Plants need the right conditions to thrive. The good news for anyone looking to buy weed online is that British Columbia offers the perfect environment for BC weed to thrive.

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British Columbia is flush with clean and pristine air, pure fresh water from the mountains, and soil naturally rich in all the nutrients and minerals plants need. All of these conditions can be found in the Kootenays, in particular, the traditional home of BC weed and where the plant is grown.

Farmers and growers of all kinds have long recognized the Kootenays as one of the most fertile environments for plants in the world. It’s fair to say that if Cannabis Country exists, it’s in the Kootenays.  It is therefore no surprise to see why BC bud has become known as a top strain around the world.

Natural Climate

A rich environment is only one of the elements of excellent plant growth. Different plants require specific climates to reach their full potential. British Columbia offers an ideal environment for cannabis cultivation, which has definitely helped make BC bud online some of the best bud in the world.

British Columbia receives an average of 47 inches of rain per year. The region technically classifies as a rainforest because of how much rain it gets. The healthy level of rain feeds plants and boosts crop yields for healthier plants.

Add some long hot summer days to the mix and sprinkle in the mild fall, and you get some of the most complex and resilient buds stems in the world. British Columbia was practically made for growing the best bud.

Socio-Political Climate

The best natural climate in the world doesn’t mean much if the socio-political climate to buy weed online doesn’t exist. Cannabis culture was founded on the backs of fertile soil and a positive environment, but it was only recently legalized in the area.

While cannabis wasn’t legal until just recently, it has always been a massive part of the economy. Estimates suggest that the industry generates between $6-9 billion per year. Some say that BC bud’s economic importance caused politicians and police authorities alike to take a light-handed approach to regulate weed.

This approach means that cannabis growers in BC have the time and freedom they need to master weed growing techniques and learn how to reinvest in their weed growing prowess. One of the things that set BC bud apart from the rest of the world is the expertise, experience, and proud history of the people growing it.

Final Thoughts

The cannabis community in British Columbia continues to grow and experiment and create the perfect bud. People are cultivating weed in more places than ever before, but there’s no denying that BC will continue to be the best place in the world to grow and buy weed. BC bud has become known as a premium strain, and this is for good reason.

Some people focus on the history of BC and the continued dedication to cultivating the perfect cannabis. In contrast, others see cannabis as being part of the culture and identity of British Columbia. All we know is that BC bud is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. If you’re looking to buy weed online, you can’t get better than BC weed.

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