Having trouble sleeping? Use the best weed for insomnia

10 Strains to help with insomnia

The incidence of insomnia seems to be increasing with every passing day. Perhaps it is our stressful lives or overindulgence in technology. As per estimates, one out of every three people faces the problem of insomnia. The inability to have a restful sleep leads to decreased productivity at work. You are fatigued all the time, […]

Buying Weed Online VS. Storefront Dispensary

buy weed online in canada

Weed and marijuana products are getting more and more popular as the proven medical benefits grow well-known. What’s more, compared to the past when weed was illegal, nowadays things are much easier for consumers because they have easy and fast options to purchase, which is an amazing benefit, especially for those who depend on it […]

How to Store Cannabis: What you Should and Shouldn’t Do

storing cannabis final

In this day and age, cannabis storing in regions where marijuana is legal for personal or medical use has become extremely popular and it gets more and more sophisticated as there are many features available in order to help you keep the freshness. It’s very likely that you wondered for how long you can store […]

Indica vs Sativa: All You Need To Know

indica vs sativa complete guide

You have probably heard of these terms many times, but do you really know the difference? In the vast and varied world of cannabis, knowing the difference between the species is a must when it comes to choosing one. We have developed this complete guide to help you identify each of these species as well […]