How New Marijuana Laws Will Affect Cannabis Career

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Legalizing marijuana is a trending topic worldwide, with the approval of both recreational and medical cannabis laws coming about rapidly. A study of New Frontier Data shows that even though cannabis is illegal under federal law, in 2019, the United States legal cannabis industry will boost $13.6 billion with 340,000 jobs devoted to controlling and taking care of plants.

As of November 2020, 35 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, and 15 of these states have permitted adults to take marijuana for recreational purposes. The number of states may keep increasing as more people ask to make marijuana legal all over America.

The Growth Of Cannabis Career

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Marijuana jobs are rising daily in the United States as the states made marijuana legal and set up their rules and regulations. A study showed job generation statistics at 211,000 full-time jobs in the cannabis industry. The excessive concentration of cannabis jobs occurs in states where marijuana was legalized for medical and recreational use, like Colorado and Washington.

The cannabis market is growing, and there is a considerable rising demand for investing in marijuana cannabis. Moreover, people buy weed online in Europe and all across the US. The level of expenditure makes the cannabis industry generate much more jobs faster than most growth sectors. Jobs in the cannabis industry would emerge as a growth factor for the United States economy in the predictable future, without industry having to issue enormous tax breaks and concessions unlike the conglomerate Amazon and reputed sports groups.

Marijuana expending is predicted to develop significantly on a global scale and reach an estimated value of $31.6 billion by 2022. Like in Florida, the rise in the demand and growth of the marijuana industry will immediately lead to an increase in demand for employees in that sector. For the time being, marijuana sales taxes grew from a bare 10% to 37% after the sales taxes generated were diverted to fund different fruitful activities, like school construction, drug abuse prohibition schemes and medical research programs. Very soon, the industry will develop to be huge for one to ignore it.

Due to the legalization of marijuana, there is a stagnant effect on the black market as people now buy cannabis legally for medical and recreational purposes. According to a study, the legal cannabis business creates jobs and employment opportunities with about 9,397 licenses in the United States, including plant cultivators, manufacturers, dispensaries and deliverers, and laboratories. The legalization of marijuana has pushed the demand from both adult users and medical users.

After the legalization, the United States noticed a substantial shift from people choosing recreational marijuana instead of medical purposes. This can result in easy availability of cannabis, wide variety, and low-cost products. Based on cannabis product type, the legal Marijuana business is divided into buds, oils, and tinctures. The buds products ruled the market in 2019 with a revenue of USD 9.1 billion, while experts predict the oil-based products to notice the fastest growth over the forecast period.

In 2019, North America ruled the market for legal cannabis, with a revenue share of 88.4%. The legalization of marijuana and government laws and regulations have supported the regional market growth.

Types Of Jobs In the Cannabis Industry

If you are looking for a job in the legal cannabis industry, it is necessary to know how to stay adaptable in every state and look for online job boards. Cannabis jobs relate to the production of marijuana, retail and management, and medical and recreational marijuana. Usually, applicants should go through a background inspection. You might not be allowed to work in the industry if you have felonies within the past five years, mainly if those are violent felonies and include Schedule I or Schedule II drugs. The perfect advice for anyone looking for jobs in the cannabis industry is to keep knowledge about evolving state laws and regulations.

The cannabis industry is rapidly growing, and new jobs and opportunities are cropping up every day. In the cannabis industry, a strict background inspection is mandatory for an employee, and the worker has to be 21 years old. Few cannabis jobs are part-time, but most of the jobs need a strong background in cannabis or CBD, precise knowledge of marijuana products, medical cannabis, and the legal cannabis industry.

There are various jobs related to the cannabis industry available in states where marijuana is considered legal. Some are cannabis master grower, trimmer, Director of Extraction, gardener, cannabis producer, plant engineer, business manager, brand ambassador of cannabis products, cannabis packager, edibles chef, and customer service provider.

How To Prepare For Cannabis’s Job

  • As marijuana laws are continuously changing, people must know more before applying for a job in the cannabis industry. The states have legalized marijuana for both adult-use and medical purposes. Depending upon which state you are searching for a cannabis job, you have to keep knowledge about the state’s laws and regulations.
  • Another essential thing to keep in mind while preparing for a cannabis job is to be a professional. Many people might disagree with this, but the cannabis industry is professional. Make them understand through your professionalism that you have every little knowledge about the marijuana industry.
  • Before an interview, research all the benefits of cannabis, marijuana strains, its effects on the human body, and how they are administered legally.
  • Another foremost thing is to work on your customer service skills. Customer satisfaction is essential in a business. Polish your skills and learn how to deal with the general public. These things are necessary to follow to get a cannabis job.
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The benefits of cannabis jobs are high in the marijuana industry, but one non-compliance act can result in an immediate shutdown of the cannabis dispensary. Marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, so there are concerns linked with any job in the marijuana industry. The job applicants must protect themselves from companies that do not obey regulations. Candidates should understand and go through the laws and regulations to make a good career in the cannabis industry. The federal government notices this industry, so any little mistake in business standards can cost workers a lot more than their jobs.

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