How to Store Cannabis: What you Should and Shouldn’t Do

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In this day and age, cannabis storing in regions where marijuana is legal for personal or medical use has become extremely popular and it gets more and more sophisticated as there are many features available in order to help you keep the freshness. It’s very likely that you wondered for how long you can store your cannabis. We’ll give you the answer in a few lines, but before, what you should always consider is that there are a number of environmental factors that will take part in your storage process. Cannabis needs care and the correct balance of temperature, darkness and humidity in order to remain fresh.

Whether you buy or harvest your cannabis, you probably want to store it to make it last until you next purchase or harvest and luckily for you, it’s not that difficult as you don’t need any special equipment, which also makes it really cheap and simple. Where can you store it? Simple, a glass jar will do.

However, as simple as storing weed may sound, there are some things to consider in order to do it correctly. The method you choose will make a considerable difference regarding how long your cannabis keeps it freshness and potency. As you might now, weed has to be stored in a cool, dark place. There’s no expiration date, but you’ll be able to enjoy the flavor and taste for about six months to a year if stored properly.

If you keep your cannabis properly, your buds will look bright and with a little green color with some orange hairs or maybe other colors such as pin or purple, whereas if you store it incorrectly, your buds will slowly turn brown and crumbly.

We have designed this article in order to guide you through the steps towards a proper cannabis storage. Continue reading to learn everything!

What you Should Do

The first thing you must know is that your weed thrives in temperatures between 77° and 86 ° F, so take all the precautions you need to maintain it in a dark, cool place as too much heat or humidity can totally ruin it. The same happens if you expose your weed to UV rays: your weed will degrade over time, just like it happens to grass on a hot summer. Here’s a list of everything you should do when storing it:

  • Before storing it for a long period, you should make sure your weed is dry. You will need to leave it dry for 4 weeks before storing it long-term. The best container to do it is a glass mason jar, you can find them in any grocery store. This will give your buds the perfect amount of air to help them remain fresh. If the air is not enough, the relative humidity needed could be lost. On the other hand, excessive air will speed up the degradation process.
  • Sterilize your glass jars. For this, you need to wash them properly and then put them in the oven at 160 degrees for about ten minutes. When you finish, make sure it is smell-free and looks perfectly clean. Avoid touching the inside of the jar as your hands will ruin the sterilization.
  • You should store it in a dark place, away from direct sunlight and in a dry place. Drawers or kitchen cabinets are perfect as long as they are not near the oven.
  • You should separate strains in order to keep their individual flavors. You don’t want to end up having a mixture. You can label your jars to help identify them.

What you Shouldn’t Do

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Knowing what to do is important, however, knowing what not to do is also vital as you could be making a mistake that may lead to the premature degradation of your weed.

  • You shouldn’t put your fresh weed directly into storage. If you do this, you’ll risk having your buds covered with mold within a few days. Remember, the weed needs to be left to dry and cure at least 4 weeks before storing it. How can you know if the buds are properly cured? When in the jar, the glass shouldn’t “sweat”. If it does, it means the weed still contains too much humidity and needs more curation time.
  • You shouldn’t put your weed in the fridge as there are constant humidity and temperature fluctuations, which increases the chances of developing mildew and mold. However, if you really need to refrigerate it, make sure the container has no air as this can become extremely humid and ruin the original flavor. When you retrieve it from the fridge, allow it to return to room temperature before opening the jar.
  • Better than the fridge is the freezer as the temperatures remain at the same level. However, the low temperatures of the freezer make trichomes easily break off. So if you really have to freezer them, vacuum-seal the container. Allow it to reach room temperature before handling it. In this way, you reduce the changes of breaking the weed trichomes. Bear in mind that before storing cannabis in a hot, humid place it’s always better to choose the fridge or freezer.
  • You shouldn’t use plastic bags. This is the most common way for people to store weed, however, it’s not a good option. Not only does the potency degrade quickly, but there’s also more risk of crumbling the buds as there’s not much protection because the plastic is too flexible. However, if you use plastic bags, handle them carefully and make sure they are appropriate for the freezer. Cheap plastic bags contain harmful chemicals.
  • You shouldn’t store cannabis in metal containers either. Although you can do it for a short period of time, the metal can start affecting the quality after some time, changing the flavor and smell.
  • You shouldn’t place your jars on or near electronics that produce heat. Some people store stuff on the fridge, well, that’ll be a terrible mistake.


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